StoryTrails 3D Scanning Workshop

Children’s StoryTrails 3D Scanning Workshop – Summer Reading Challenge 2022

· Children should bring in something important to them or a pic (idea) of a place they love in Lewisham.

· Library staff will help children choose a picture or object, and get them to complete a postcard with the sentence –
My favourite place/thing in Lewisham is X (name the place/ thing) because x (tell us why) and it makes me proud to come from Lewisham’
They will put the your name, parents email address on the back of the postcard. Parents will need to sign the Permission form to comply with GDPR.

· Library Staff will do the scanning or children over 7 years may love to scan their pals. We will then 3D scan your child, save the file as their first name and the place /object they love ie Kat clock tower.

· We’ll then take a photo of the image/object you brought in, put the two together and print it out to give to you or send via email.

· We also want use this material as part of the exhibition in Catford on 17/18 September. Your image and Sentence will be put onto a postcard and you will be able to come see your scan as part of the Lewisham Storyline in Catford Library.

Depending on time we can print out the image for them or just email the image to your parents.

Cost: Free
Where: Children’s Library
Time: 12pm
When: Tuesday 16th August

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