Welcome to Sydenham Library


With regret, we have now closed the public library services at all three V22 libraries.

Specifically –
• We are unable to obtain sufficient hand sanitiser and other cleaning products to keep the libraries well stocked.
• We are unable to satisfy guidelines on restricting the numbers of people in the library, or keep safe distances between users, or users and staff.

In addition, we have a large number of volunteers who fall into the ‘at-risk’ age group who are being asked to self-isolate.
We recognise that it is everyone’s responsibility to help protect our vulnerable populations and mitigate over-stretching our health services by reducing the transmission of Covid-19.

We will continue to follow guidelines and take advice from Lewisham Library Service and national and local authorities. We do of course understand the importance of the library service to many and have not taken this decision lightly.

Books may be returned as usual through the drop boxes where applicable at all lewisham libraries and extensions have been granted on all books. See the main page at Lewisham Libraries web site for further information around book borrowing, extensions and fines at this time. Please also use the online resources at your disposal, again see the links on the Lewisham Libraries web site.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all users of the libraries, as well as our staff, and to express our gratitude to all the volunteers who have worked to keep this fantastic community resource going for as long as possible. We all hope to return soon.

Stay safe and well.

Sydenham Library is part of the Lewisham Library service, staffed and run in partnership with the local community, V22 Foundation, and V22 Communities, a registered charity that also operates Manor House Library and Forest Hill Library.

Please come and visit the library, which also boasts a fabulous café that is open lunchtimes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We have regular events for residents of all ages, from pre-schoolers to senior citizens and everyone in between. Rhyme-Times; Craft Clubs; help with IT, and; exercise classes for seniors; pop in and find out what is going on and follow us on social media.

We also welcome book donations – we’ll take any books that are in good condition, some get turned into stock for the libraries, others are sold to help pay the bills, we even have a dedicated book shop in Forest Hill that is well worth a visit, selling excellent second hand books and vinyl!

Leaf and Groove is a second hand book and vinyl shop on Dartmouth Road where all profits go to supporting V22 Libraries. They take donations of good quality books and vinyl, CDs and DVDs. www.leafandgroove.com

Sustainable Community Library Model

Leaf and Groove is one of the pillars of financial support for creating a sustainable model for community libraries, without having to reduce library space, opening hours or level of service. While everyone involved with V22 Libraries believes that a properly funded state-run library service is the best and first choice, we also believe that community libraries can be run in a professional and sustainable manner.

Library Services

If you are looking to borrow books, renew books or reserve a title, you can still do this by visiting Sydenham Library, but you can also do this from the comfort of your own home through the arena interface on the Lewisham Libraries web site. Click here for book borrowing services for all Lewisham library card holders. You can also access many other services for FREE such as listening to audiobooks, reading magazines and newspapers online, downloading ebooks etc

Help us Build for the Future

A community-run library means just that, and we really need the support of our community to keep our library great and to make it even better. Please consider volunteering your time to help us run the library or to provide additional related services. Click here for more information.

Keep talking to Us
Please do contact us if you have concerns about any aspect of the library services provided. We want to hear from you – good or bad – and if you think there is something you can offer in support then we would very much like to have that conversation too. Please note that this website is also brand new and you may experience some technical difficulties as we roll out functions. If you continue to experience problems with the website please let us know.

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